EUROPCAR Car Rental at Nantes Airport

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EUROPCAR Car Rental at Nantes Airport
EUROPCAR Car Rental at Nantes Airport

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EUROPCAR Car Rental Services at Nantes Airport

When travelers arrive at Nantes Airport they have a broad array of car rental companies at Nantes Airport at their disposal. Before proceeding to exit the baggage claim area make sure you have collected your entire luggage.

Useful information when renting a vehicle at Nantes Airport from Europcar

Additional drivers can be added to the rental agreement for an additional daily surcharge provided that they meet the requirements and are present at the time of rental. The daily cost for an additional driver starts at 6.66 EUR. *Dependent on Vehicle Model. In France you should drive on the right hand side of the road.

Europcar Rental Vehicle Options

Rental vehicles are available from the following manufacturers:
  • Citroen
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes
  • Peugeot
  • Renault
  • Skoda
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
Europcar provides a selection of 12 different vehicle models to rent at Nantes Airport from manufacturers including:
  • Citroen C3
  • Citroen C3 Aircross
  • Mazda CX-5
  • Mercedes C Class
  • Peugeot 2008
  • Renault Captur
  • Renault Scenic
  • Skoda Octavia
  • Toyota Aygo
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • + 2 more
Petrol vehicles are available to rent. Fuel policy options available include:
  • Fuel: Pick up and return full
6 automatic car models and 6 manual transmission car models are available. Europcar offers 11 vehicles with air conditioning.

Types of Vehicles to Rent from Europcar at Nantes Airport

The following vehicle groups are available to rent at Nantes Airport are: Economy, Compact, SUV, Fullsize, 5 seat minivan, Intermediate, Mini and 7 seat minivan. Vehicles are available with 4, 5 and 7 passenger capacities. Vehicles with 3, 4 and 5 doors are available. Travelling with luggage? Europcar has vehicles with luggage carrying capacity from 1, 2, 3 and 4 pieces of luggage.

Europcar Additional Options Available at Nantes Airport.

The following additional equipment can also be rented with a vehicle from Europcar:
  • Booster seat
  • Child toddler seat
  • GPS
  • Infant child seat
  • Navigational phone
  • Snow chain set
  • Snow tyre set

Payment Types Accepted by Europcar at Nantes Airport

You can pay for your rental with the following types of cards:
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Returning your Europcar vehicle at Nantes Airport

Please follow the instructions received from Europcar when it is time to return the rental car. Don’t forget to remove your belongings from the vehicle before dropping it off.

How to Contact Europcar at Nantes Airport

For more information please contact Europcar at Nantes - Airport on 330240840139.

Europcar Locations Nearby

Europcar also has 35 offices nearby, including:
  • Nantes - Champ De Mars (7.6KM)
  • Nantes - Train Station South (7.9KM)
  • Nantes - Saint-herblain (9.5KM)
  • Nantes (11.9KM)
  • La Haie Fouassiere (15.9KM)

Where is the EUROPCAR Rental Desk at Nantes Airport?

Map of EUROPCAR rental desk at Nantes Airport

What are EUROPCAR Opening Hours at Nantes Airport ?

Day Open Close
Monday 07:30 22:29
Tuesday 07:30 22:29
Wednesday 07:30 22:29
Thursday 07:30 22:29
Friday 07:30 22:29
Saturday 07:30 18:59
Sunday 08:00 22:29

The EUROPCAR Rental Desk at Nantes Airport is located at:

Europcar Emea Corporate


Tel: 330240840139

Rental Desk Location: In Terminal

Both the vehicle and hire desk/counter are located inside the terminal.

What rental cars are available from Europcar at Nantes Airport?

The rental cars available from Europcar at Nantes Airport are:

What automatic car rentals does Europcar offer at Nantes Airport?

Europcar offer the following automatic cars:

What manual/stick-shift car rentals does Europcar offer at Nantes Airport?

Europcar offer the following manual/stick-shift cars:

What diesel car rentals does Europcar offer at Nantes Airport?

Nearby EUROPCAR Car Rental Pick-up and Drop-Off Locations

Europcar at Nantes - Champ De Mars

29 Rue De Fleurus Champ De Mars, Nantes, 44000
+ 2 other companies...

7.57 KM


Europcar at Nantes - Train Station South

325 Rue Marcel Paul, Nantes, 44000
+ 6 other companies...

7.93 KM


Europcar at Nantes - Saint-herblain

310 Rte De Vannes Forum D'orvault, Orvault, 44700
+ 6 other companies...

9.53 KM


Europcar at Nantes

17 Route De Paris Le Village Automobile, Nantes, 44300
+ 3 other companies...

11.92 KM


Europcar at La Haie Fouassiere

1 Rue Fontaine Grillee Zi Nord, La Haie Fouassiere, 44690
+ 2 other companies...

15.86 KM


Europcar at Machecoul

2 Rue Clement Ader Za La Seiglerie Garage Peugeot Delaroche, Garage Peugeot Delaroche, Machecoul, 44270
+ 2 other companies...

25.02 KM


Europcar at Clisson

Adc 44 1 Chemin Des Malifestes, 1 Chemin Des Malifestes, Clisson, 44190

25.23 KM


Europcar at Montaigu

Centre Point S Montaigu Za De Mirville, Za De Mirville, Bouffere, 85600
+ 2 other companies...

29.21 KM


Europcar at Nort Sur Erdre

1 Rue De Nantes Garage Lr Auto, Nort Sur Erdre, 44390
+ 2 other companies...

32.71 KM


Europcar at Challans La Garnache

Za De La Romaziere, Challans, 85300

34.06 KM


Europcar at Ancenis

81 Rue Ferdinand De Lesseps, Ancenis, 44150
+ 2 other companies...

40.11 KM


Europcar at Pornic

Pornic Ouest Zi Terre Jarries Garage Citroen, Pornic, 44210
+ 3 other companies...

40.24 KM


Europcar at Nozay

Route D'abbaretz Peugeot Garage De La Pierre Bleue, Garage De La Pierre Bleue, Nozay, 44170
+ 2 other companies...

45.29 KM


Europcar at Saint-nazaire

26 Rue Ile De France, Saint Nazaire, 44600
+ 5 other companies...

48.09 KM


Europcar at Pontchateau

Route De Vannes Relais Auto Beaulieu, Pontchateau, 44160
+ 2 other companies...

48.68 KM


Europcar at Fromentine

5 Rue Des Pins Parking Bodin, Fromentine, 85550

50.40 KM


Europcar at Noirmoutier

2 Rue De La Fassonniere Garage Citroen, Garage Citroen, La Gueriniere-noirmoutier, 85680
+ 2 other companies...

50.62 KM


Europcar at Saint-jean De Monts

Srb Le Cyclhop,6 Avenue De La Foret, Saint Jean De Monts, 85160
+ 2 other companies...

53.15 KM


Europcar at La Roche-sur-yon

11 Bis Bd Louis Blanc, La Roche Sur Yon, 85000
+ 4 other companies...

55.31 KM


Europcar at Les Herbiers

Avenue De L'europe Zone De La Tibourgere, Zone De La Tibourgere, Les Herbiers, 85500
+ 2 other companies...

55.64 KM


Europcar at Cholet

3 Rue De Chinon, Cholet, 49300
+ 3 other companies...

56.27 KM


Europcar at Cholet - Train Station

11 Pl. Du 77e Regiment D'infanterie Inter Hotel, Inter Hotel, Cholet, 49300
+ 2 other companies...

56.35 KM


Europcar at Saint-gilles Croix De Vie

Route Des Salines Station Total, Saint Gilles Croix De Vie, 85800
+ 2 other companies...

56.65 KM


Europcar at Derval

Espace Les Echos 5 Allee Du Rocheteur, Derval, 44590

56.85 KM


Europcar at La Baule-escoublac - Train Station

33 Avenue Georges Clemenceau, La Baule, 44500
+ 4 other companies...

61.21 KM


Europcar at Chateaubriant

Rue Du General Patton Zone Commerciale Vent D'ouest, Zone Commerciale Vent D'ouest, Chateaubriant, 44110

62.80 KM


Europcar at Redon

69 Rue Chataigneraie, Redon, 35600
+ 2 other companies...

66.22 KM


Europcar at Chantonnay

Les 4 Routes - Sigournais, Chantonnay, 85110
+ 2 other companies...

66.75 KM


Europcar at Chalonnes Sur Loire - City Centre

Les Fresnaies Route De Chemille Garage Peugeot, Garage Peugeot, Chalonnes Sur Loire, 49290
+ 2 other companies...

67.24 KM


Europcar at Olonne Sur Mer

144, Avenue Francois Miterrand, Les Sables Dolonne, 85340
+ 3 other companies...

71.84 KM


Europcar at Pouzauges

21 B Avenue Des Sables Garage Peugeot, Garage Peugeot, Pouzauges, 85700
+ 2 other companies...

72.16 KM


Europcar at Chateau-d'olonne

12 Rue Claude Chappe Zi Les Plesses, Chateau D'olonne, 85180

73.94 KM


Europcar at Angers - Train Station

Place De La Gare Gare Sncf, Angers, 49100
+ 11 other companies...

85.93 KM


Europcar at Bressuire - City Centre

54 Boulevard Du Guedeau, Bressuire, 79300, 0033

91.05 KM


Europcar at Fontenay-le-comte

Bd General De Gaulle - Feu Vert Avenue Des 3 Canons, Fontenay Le Comte, 85200
+ 2 other companies...

97.87 KM

How much does it cost to add an additional driver to a rental car with EUROPCAR at Nantes Airport?
Category Models Daily Price
Compact Hyundai Kona Electric, Toyota Corolla... 6.50 EUR
Economy Peugeot 208 Electric, Toyota Yaris... 6.50 EUR
Intermediate Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Qashqai, Seat Tarraco... 6.50 EUR
Mini Fiat 500, Fiat 500 Electric... 6.50 EUR
Minivan Toyota Proace... 6.50 EUR
Standard Volkswagen Passat... 6.50 EUR

* Prices shown are approximate based on currency conversion. Please check at time of booking.

What is the fuel policy when renting a car from EUROPCAR at Nantes Airport?

Code Description
FULLFULL Fuel: Pick up and return full.

*Some companies may offer alternative fuel policies on request.

What additional equipment can I rent with a rental car from EUROPCAR at Nantes Airport?

Item Daily Price
Booster seat
5.00 EUR
Child toddler seat
5.00 EUR
40.00 EUR
Infant child seat
5.00 EUR
Snow chain set
7.02 EUR
Snow tyre set
39.00 EUR

* Prices shown are approximate based on currency conversion. Please check at time of booking.
* Some companies may offer additional equipment at the rental desk.

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Car Brands Available to Rent from Europcar at Nantes Airport

Europcar has 24 different types of vehicles from 23 manufacturers available to hire at Nantes Airport.